Event brings together wealth of diabetes information

Event brings together wealth of diabetes information

Individuals living with diabetes in Newcastle got the opportunity to quiz healthcare professionals earlier this year at a GP-led event in the North East.

In September, more than 200 people attended an event hosted by the team at Heaton Road surgery.

The aim of the session was to improve patient understanding around diabetes management and prevention by enabling people living with or at risk of the condition to make healthier choices.

A variety of speakers addressed the modifiable risk factors of a poor diet, high alcohol consumption and smoking, all factors that can lead to long-term conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This event allowed the GP team to provide crucial advice to hundreds of people at once, rather than one at a time which can be highly time consuming.

Heaton Road surgery is located in Newcastle East – a highly deprived area of Newcastle upon Tyne.

According to experts, low socioeconomic status and deprivation are associated with premature mortality and more years of ill health due to poor diet, smoking, physical inactivity and harmful alcohol consumption.

This event is the second session ran Heaton Road surgery, with the first meeting held earlier this year in March.

The GP surgery is planning to host the session as an annual event, with a funding grant next year set to make it bigger and better than before.

Author: Philip Lopez