Upcoming event to explore ‘what’s new’ in endocrinology and diabetes

Upcoming event to explore ‘what’s new’ in endocrinology and diabetes

The Royal Society of Medicine has organised an in-person meeting on the latest updates in endocrinology and diabetes from 2023.

The aim of the event, which is taking place on Thursday, October 12, is to explore new publications, examine data from clinical trials and basic science and analyse their effect on current management. In addition, delegates will receive an update on treatment strategies.

Entitled ‘What’s new in endocrinology and diabetes 2023’, the face-to-face meeting will take place at the Royal Society of Medicine’s office in London.

During the event, speakers will highlight what has recently been shown to influence practice and how this can change management.

Frequent panel discussions will take place throughout the meeting, enabling tricky issues and practical points to be discussed.

Benefits of attending the event include:

Know about recent important publications
Enhance your knowledge on management of pregnancy and fertility challenges associated with endocrine disorders
Learn about new treatments available in metabolic disease
Ensure up to date knowledge on treatment of common endocrine conditions such as thyroid, pituitary disease, diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis.

To attend the event, click here.

Author: Philip Lopez