What Are Low Wagering Requirements and Why Should I Care?

What Are Low Wagering Requirements and Why Should I Care?

Last Updated on October 10, 2023 by Dave Hall

Online casinos attach certain terms and  conditions to their bonuses and promotions. Among those conditions are the low wagering requirements.And that is why you have to know what are low wagering requirements. In summary, they specify the number of times you wager the bonus or related winnings amount.

In some cases, the low bonus wagering terms may also specify the eligible games and validity period of the bonus amount.

Why I should care about low wagering requirements

For instance, you may activate a $100 bonus that has a 10x wagering requirement, with 30 days validity. The terms may state that slot games contribute 100%, while baccarat contributes 50% towards the bonus wager. And that you cannot use the bonus funds to play other games.

Those low wagering terms mean you have to wager at least $1,000 to withdraw the bonus amount. Moreover, only wagers you place on slot games contribute 100% towards meeting the $1,000 wager amount.

Moreover, if you play baccarat, only 50% of the wagered amount will contribute to the $1,000 wager requirement. Other games are excluded and playing them means that you have forfeited the bonus amount. With such terms in mind, it is clear why wagering requirements are important.

Easier withdrawals with low wagering terms

If you activate a bonus with low wagering requirements, you will find it easy to access your bonus winnings. You will meet the wagering requirements faster and spend less money to do it.

High bonus wagering requirements make it hard to access or unlock your bonus winnings. You often have to wager a lot more than you won, and spend more time wagering. Quite often, that results in a loss of the bonus amount.

High bonus transparent terms

Casinos that offer favorable wagering terms to redeem their bonuses, also are more transparent when stating their bonus terms. They do not hide restrictive terms deep in the terms and conditions page. That is why you should know what are low wagering requirements, and if a casino offers a bonus with such terms.

That makes it easy for you to find the bonus rules and follow them. And finding all the terms in one place makes it much easier to fulfill the wagering requirements. Casinos with higher wagering requirements often hide other bonus rules on the terms and conditions page.

Enjoyable gameplay with low wagering terms

Low-wagering bonuses are more fun because you do not have to wager numerous times to withdraw bonus winnings. With high wagering bonus terms, you have to keep wagering for hours, and sometimes days, before you can access the bonus cash.

And for many players, that takes out the fun of getting awarded bonus wagering funds. In many cases, players trying to fulfill high-wagering bonuses lose all the bonus winnings along with the bonus funds.

Better bonus value from low-wagering terms

A low wagering bonus requirement gives your bonus more value by not tying your winnings to excessive wagering. With wagering requirements of between 1x and 30, you get more chances to win, without worrying about having to bet excessively.

Attractiveness to new players

If you are a new player, then you will find the low wagering requirements easily attractive. They offer easy access to bonuses, and over the years, casinos have been using them to gain a competitive advantage. Low wagering bonuses offer players an opportunity to try new casino games with minimal risks. For casinos, low wagering bonuses help grow their customer base.

We hope you now have a clear understanding of what are low wagering requirements, and why you should care about them. I wish you  a thrilling and responsible bonus wagering experience.

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